Paper Plates: Ideas to play and learn with plates!

Paper plate clock The combination of packing to move (we move into our new home in 2 weeks!!!) and preparation for a busy holiday season means that we have moved to being a disposable, paper plate loving family.  Dishwashing with our preschoolers is not as feasible as it has been in the past.  Hefty must have known the phase of life we are in right now as they sent a big box of their super styling Waverly paper supplies to our house.  Not only are paper plates great for eating, but also for learning and playing.  Here are bunch of different ways we have been having fun with our new disposable toys (aka plates).


Build and learn with a paper plate clock.  We made ours with paper plates, pipe cleaners and post-it note numbers.  Take a pen and poke a hole in the middle of the plate.  Bend the pipe cleaner in half and stuff it through the hole part of the way and secure it.  Then use the post-its to have your child practice putting numbers in order.  They are easy to remove and reinforce learning!
Paper plate clock instructions Paper plate clock instructions .

Other Fun Ideas of things you can do to learn and play with paper plates:


Fun masks.  Cut a paper plate in half and decorate with feathers, glitter, sequins, whatever!  Attach ties to the sides and have lots of pretending fun.

Make giant letter cards – play frog and leap from lily pad to lily pad or play letter hopscotch with the plates.

Make Emotion Faces.  Make a crazy face with crazy hair, or a sad face, even a wacky one!  My kids love art and craft projects.

Make a pretend pizza using scraps of construction paper as your “pizza” ingredients.

Frisbie.   Staple several plates together to make sure you have enough weigh to throw them.   For extra “pizazz” add a few ribbons to the sides.  Have fun throwing and twirling.

Tamborine.  Staple two plates together with a few dried beans or beads inside.  Viola – a fun musical instrument!

Play Stop and Go.  Use a paper plate to create a stop sign.  One child holds the sign while the others run around (or crawl if you don’t want them breaking anything).  When the sign says “stop”, stop.

Cut into “Wheels” to create a Word Wheel that you can turn to read new words.

Create either a paper plate frog, a bird or a watermelon.  There are tons of creative ways you can fold and decorate paper plates!


Have you had fun with paper plates?  Do you do anything besides eating with them?  I’d love to hear about it!

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