an issue of space

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I am a people watcher. I love sitting in a public place and observing others. One of my favorite things is how people protect their personal space.

For instance, in an elevator everyone stands equidistant from each other:

Holly has personal space issues

Sometimes I like to mess with the elevator people a bit by shifting my position ever so slightly as to create imbalance and watch the subconscious chaos ensue.

Obviously karma has been watching and taken action to balance the world, because my off-spring have an entirely different take on the elevator scene.

Let me state right now that I don’t let my children ride elevators by themselves so this is purely hypothetical:

Holly's kids have personal space issues

I have noticed this phenomenon at home.

Where ever I am the room is completely imbalanced.

Where ever I walk it is crowded.

Where ever I pee it is accompanied.

There is wasted space due to personal space issues at Holly's house

What a huge waste of square footage.

I am selling the house and moving into the minivan.

At least there they are strapped in an equidistant formation.

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