Make your Own Spa Mask

preschool face mask This past weekend I was blest to be the recipient of a spa treatment care of Scrubbing Bubbles.  Holly, blogger of June Cleaver Nirvana, invited me to join them at the Four Seasons!  Boy, was I spoiled!  I had never had a facial before.  I loved having no kids for three hours part, lots of uninterrupted adult conversation and the peaceful setting!  My favorite part however was the facial and the nifty mask I got to wear.  The heavy feeling on my eyes made me so sleepy (either that or my preschooler who woke me up in the night) irregardless, I set out to make my own!



I made my template with a sippy cup to make the eye size, then bridged the eyes together.  I used this template as a pattern and using some leftover satin, we cut our eye masks out of the fabric.  I used the smaller side of the cup to make an identical mini-mask for my daughter.

I then sewed the mask pieces together, good size facing in, leaving a two inch gap at the top so that I could turn it right-side out and stuff the mask. After sewing the pieces together I cut tiny slits around the sides of the mask.  These helped the seam be even after it was turned right-side out.  We then stuffed the mask (with rice) and sewed the top closed.  Doused the mask with a few drops of lavender essential oils and viola – relaxation!


Thanks again to Scrubbing Bubbles for inspiring this post!  Check them out for some great cleaning supplies.

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