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Yesterday I told you a little about my friend Maile, today we are going to talk a little about her incredible Epiphanie camera bags…oh, and GIVE ONE AWAY.

Sorry for shouting.  I am really excited.

Maile created Epiphanie Bags.

I saw several people with them at Mom 2.0 and I ordered one last spring.  It took me hours of deliberation to decide which one to choose because they are all so beautiful.  I finally decided on the bag named Ginger.

I really like the squared styling, white stitching on the front pocket, and the flexibility of the neutral color.

Ephiphanie Bag - Ginger Isn’t Ginger pretty?

I admit that I have never been a girl who spends a lot of money on bags.  One reason is that I hate carrying stuff.  When I HAVE to carry a bag I find that all the stuff I carry ends up in a purse contents salad at the bottom of the bag.  The bigger the bag, the bigger the salad.

And then I got my Epiphanie Bag

*insert choir of angels singing here*

Look!  Look!  Look!

Epiphanie Bag - Ginger inside

Everything has a place.

See my wallet?

See my sunglasses?

See the shoulder strap?

It is so easy to reach into the bag and find stuff.  There is so much room that I haven’t even started filling the multitude of pockets on the outside.  In fact, I have started using my Epiphanie Bag even when I am not taking my camera.


I loved it so much that I started plotting which one I was going to buy next.

I didn’t want Ginger to be lonely.

When I saw Maile in Austin, she was kind enough to let me steal Lola (in red).

Epiphanie Bag - Lola in red Isn’t Lola pretty?

I switch back between Lola and Ginger regularly.  I love that it has made taking my camera everywhere easy.

I only have one concern…

Do you think Lola and Ginger might be happier if Belle lived here too?

Ephiphanie Bag website And now…

*drum roll*

I am giving away YOUR CHOICE of Epiphanie Bag.*

*Updated:  I GAVE one away from 2,610 entries…HOLY CRAP!

Congrats to the winner, Shana.

Another Update:  I just found out that Belle now comes in PINK.

A pink camera bag!

A pink Epiphanie camera bag.


Thanks again Maile!

4 days later teeth whitening

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