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As I may have mention once or twice or a hundred times, the boys are non-believers.

Non-believers in Santa, the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy.

There are no such thing as fairies!  There are no tiny people who fly!

Last Christmas they attempted to foil any Santa illusions by staying awake and listening.  Thankfully, the boys were exhausted and Santa’s elves didn’t have to stay up too late.

Santa’s elves need sleep too.

Since we haven’t really exploited the Easter bunny around here, there wasn’t much fanfare around uncovering the real truth last spring.

That leaves the tooth fairy.

Both Ryan and Reid are in the tooth loosing stage and apparently they have been conspiring.  Ryan who is already 9 has only lost about 6 teeth – a slow and steady process over the last few years.  Reid(7) is loosing them left and right.


He lost his right front tooth on Monday and his left one yesterday.

When he lost the right front tooth, we were all in the kitchen getting ready for breakfast.  He turned his head and gasped.  Showed something in his hand to Ryan and they both started whispering.   He was turned away from me so I didn’t see exactly what had happened, but it was obvious from his body language.

You just lost your tooth!

Mom!  How did you know?  We were going to keep it a secret.


To see if the tooth fairy is real.

Real or not, the tooth fairy made a $5 visit to the top bunk that night and the question in their minds was not answered.

*Fast forward two days*

Reid and Ryan come home from school and I notice that they are making themselves a little scarce.  This is NOT normal behavior.  I am on high mom alert for some sort of boy shenanigan.

We sit down for dinner and I am across the table from Reid who is chewing his food a bit awkwardly.

You lost your other tooth, didn’t you?


Really?  It looks like you did.


Let me see in your mouth.

And then he just lost it…giggling with an ear to ear grin sporting NO front teeth.

How did you KNOW mom?

Moms just know these things.

Ryan:  Ya, moms know these things because they are the tooth fairy.

4 days later teeth whitening

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