holly returns…let’s potluck!

Potlucks are on Mondays Oh my.

I know.

It has been awhile.

In fact, it has been so long it is almost INTIMIDATING to write on my own blog.

I am so out of practice, that it just seems daunting.

So, I am jumping into it with a little potluck.*

*potlucks are great for writers block and blog neglect

What in the heck has Holly been doing?

Ahhhh…well for 7 glorious days I avoided ALL email and skied, and skied and skied.

Did I mention the days were glorious?

reid and a snowball My Texas boys LOVE the snow.

All three of them are good skiers and this was the first year that we could really ski almost anything {that I was willing to go down} with the WHOLE family.  They also were willing to ski most the day with me.

Having three boys SHOULD carry the advantage of constant ski companionship.

My niece and nephew also learned to ski.  My niece was keeping up with the boys in just a few days.  My 3 year old nephew inherited our smallest set of skis and my mad 3 year old ski teaching skillz.

There isn’t anything cuter than a 3 year old on skis.

The week was great and I literally would have just stayed and skied the rest of the season if that was an option.

Next year Reid(8) and I are plotting snowboard lessons.  He was born to snowboard and I am hoping that learning won’t cause the re-emergence of What is Up With Holly’s Coccyx?

Did I mention that I avoided all email for a week?

That part I am trying to block out.  It was awful.  My sincere apologies to anyone trying to get a hold of me during that time…or in the email aftermath.

Stuff Holly Writes Elsewhere:

stuff holly writes elsewhere

Over on Quirky Momma, I posted one of our favorite science experiments of all time.  It is a chemical reaction called Frankenstein’s Hand.

chemical reaction experiment Also, today Reid did some easy cartoon drawing that is super simple to do successfully at home.

how to draw cartoons at Quirky Momma It is an art activity that is appropriate for a variety of ages and skill levels…really, I promise!

holly is living better through pinterest I have continued with my Pinterest obsession, but haven’t completed anything that I can report on today.

If you are interested in adding to my collective All Things Parenting Board where I am looking for parenting resources, encouragement and stories, please leave your Pinterest URL in the comments below and I will add you.

What is in Holly's Fruit Bowl? Yep, it is time to find out What is in Holly’s Fruit bowl!

  • A frightening lack of fruit

Happy Monday everyone!  May you avoid your email without consequences…

4 days later teeth whitening

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