Throw a Homemade Iced Tea Party

Homemade Iced Tea Party

Baby it’s hot outside! Beat the heat and take a fresh spin on the standard tea party by throwing a Homemade Iced Tea Party.

Homemade Tea Recipes

Start by making a pitcher of Homemade Tea. Tea is actually a great kid-friendly drink. It is full of powerful antioxidants and comes in a variety of delicious flavors.

These are some of my family’s favorite Homemade Herbal Iced Tea recipes. It includes instructions for the  2-4-6 method of brewing the perfect cup of tea.

Looking for something a little sweeter? You can choose to make a fruit juice sweetened tea such as Strawberry Apple Homemade Sweet Tea. Or add a little fizz with Fizzy Homemade Iced Tea.

Tea Party Sandwiches

Tea Party Sandwiches

At a Homemade Iced Tea Party, you should  play with your food! Have your kids cut bread into different shapes with cookie cutters to create their favorite tea sandwiches.

If you have herbs in your garden, help your kids find different leaves, stems and flowers to complete their creation. Chive blossoms, violets, pansies and marigolds are all edible flowers. They not only look great on the plate, but they are fun to freeze in ice cubes to serve with your tea.

Next, cut up some fruit, hand out the toothpicks, and let kids create their own fruit kabobs.

The best part of throwing a Homemade Iced Tea Party? You don’t need an occasion and you don’t even need guests. Just line up your favorite stuffed animals or dolls and make snack time or lunch time more fun.

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