Valentines Day Tree

The thought of a Valentines Day tree may strike fear in those of us still having flashbacks to the post-holiday clean-up, but I promise that this Valentines Day craft will not be leaving pine needles on your floor.

This Valentines Day tree is created from paper craft and can be set up indoors or {if the weather cooperates}, you can help along Mother Nature.  Kids Activities Blog loves simple activities like this Valentines Day craft where a piece of paper can be transformed into holiday decor.

Valentines Day Tree Craft

Valentines Day Tree

One of my favorite things to do is cut paper snowflakes.  It is mind boggling how a simple cut with a pair of scissors to a folded piece of paper can transform it in so many ways.  This activity was initially created by  Julia of Roots of Simplicity for Kids Activities Blog a million years ago when it was known simply as Quirky Momma.

Valentines Day Craft

This Valentines Day tree activity is perfect for your preschooler, Kindergartner and potentially anyone who is as obsessed with paper snowflakes as me!

It is a great way for your preschooler or older child to work on fine motor skills like cutting and folding paper and also a great opportunity for you to explain and demonstrate mirrored images to your child.

Valentines Day Craft

Preschool Craft

Depending on what you decide to do with your “heart snowflakes”, this is what you will need:

  • Fallen branches {or a tree outdoors to decorate}
  • Office paper scraps
  • Colored construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Vase for indoor version

Valentine Craft

The first step is to use a paper snowflake technique to create paper hearts:

  • Fold paper in half first and cut 1/2 a heart on the fold to create hearts
  • Then fold the heart several more times and clip and snip corners and folds to create unique hearts

“These quick cutout hearts were created like paper snowflakes.  I cut various papers into heart shapes and then folded, cut, and unfolded them.  My daughters and son enjoyed hanging them on the tree.  My eldest daughter thought the hearts looked like colorful butterflies alighting on the branches.” – Julia

Julia then used branches collected from outdoors in a vase to create a table top Valentines Day tree display.

Isn’t this just a beautiful table-top decoration?

It could be a nice family event or classroom Valentines Day craft.

At my house, I liked the way the hearts looked with one simple fold emphasizing the white space inside the cuts.  Since I was decorating an outdoor tree, I felt like larger hearts might work better.

Once all my hearts were cut and ready, we went outside and found a suitable tree in need of Valentines Day craft decoration!

valentines day craft


Simple materials and an afternoon of Valentines Day craft fun!

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