Make a Wreath {Valentines Day}

Valentines Day is a reminder to show those around us how much we love them.  With this simple project, kids can make a wreath to remind them of love each and every day.  Kids Activities Blog is excited about Valentines Day and all the fun craft projects that go with it.

Kids can make a wreath for Valentines Day!

Valentine’s Day

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we made our own little heart wreath to hang on the door.  I had planned to do this project with my 4 year old daughter but my 8 year old son wanted to help so it became a neat little family project.  It’s cute and so easy to make!


  • Felt
  • Wire heart frame from crafts store floral department
  • Scissors

A simple Valentines Day wreath for your kids to make

Make  a Wreath

We had standard pieces of felt about the size of a page of paper.  Cut the felt in half then cut the two pieces into strips.  Thick strips will fill the frame faster but thinner strips are easier for little fingers to work with.

Tie a strip of felt on the wire heart frame.  No glue is needed.  No knot is necessary.  Just one tie in the felt and it will stay in place.

Make a Wreath for Kids on Valentines Day

Valentine Heart

Just keep tying strips of felt on the wire heart frame until it is as covered as you want it.   This is such a great activity for young children.  They are working with textures and building muscles in their hands and fingers as they practice their tying skills over and over.  I love that it helps with my child’s fine motor skill development which is so important in writing.

heart wreath

Finally, tie a ribbon to the top of the wire heart frame and hang.

More Kids Activities

We hope you and your children have a wonderful Valentines Day.  Whether you make a wreath or do other crafts or activities, have fun with your kids and hug on them each day.  For more crafty kids activities that are fun for the whole family, take a look at these ideas:

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