8 Playful Learning Activities

Learning activities are some of our favorites, but we have a special place in our heart for playful learning!

This week our best blog feature is the 3 Dinosaurs Blog.  It is a great resource for parents who are looking for learning activities to engage and challenge their kids!

In addition to TONS of printables they have a selection of hands-on ideas.

Learning activities {and Printables!} for Kids

Learning Activities

This is Cassies’ favorite way to entertain her tots.  Give them a sensory bin full of buttons!!

Help your child who may need extra gross motor “help” practice balancing with cushions.

Get your kids up and at ’em with one of these physical activities.

Help your kids learn their letters with manipulatives.  Cassie has lots of suggestions of ways to engage kids who need extra stimulation.

Giant Dot markers are so much fun!  My kids love them.  This is a educational printable to help your kids learn sight words.

Help your kids follow directions by baking bread and cooking together.  This kids activity follows the book, Little Red Hen.

Do your kids love to dress up?  Ours do!  Make wigs for kids from cotton balls.

Yarn is so much fun to play with, to knot up, to cut into bits, and even to craft with!  Here is a kids art project made from yarn.

Playful Learning

Want more? 

Follow the Three Dinosaurs on facebook, their collections of activities in pinterest boards, and their tweets.

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