New Year Coloring Pages

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2013 is nearly here and we are celebrating with these New Year coloring pages.  Here at Kids Activities Blog we love coloring pages for kids.  They are simple, printable, FREE entertainment and what mom doesn’t need that in a pinch?

New Year Coloring Pages

New Year Coloring Pages

These three precious coloring pages celebrating the New Year 2013, display the inner workings of clocks along with a cute owl theme.  I love these because my boys will like the mechanical aspect of a coloring page.  I am sure they will end up explaining to me how the gears work together to make the clock hands move!

Click here to print these coloring pages for kids:  New Year Coloring Pages 2013

Coloring Pages for Kids

The funny thing about coloring pages is that my three boys would never sit down and color.  If you handed them a kids’ menu and a handful of crayons at a restaurant, they would look blankly at the coloring activities and end up drawing for a bit then creating colorful missiles out of the crayons.  They saw coloring pages as something static.

What we do now is different.  We use coloring pages for kids as activity sheets and inspiration.  Often coloring is the first step…or they even skip that step.  Out comes the scissors, glue and craft paper.  With a little imagination, a coloring page can turn into a 3D piece of art or decoration for a New Year’s themed airplane.

We also love to use coloring pages as painting backgrounds.  Watercolors or finger paints on a large print can turn out beautifully even for the most unskilled painter.

Awhile back Kids Activities Blog explored a bunch of ways to use coloring sheets.  These ideas are always in the back of my mind as I print off something new.

How do YOUR kids use coloring sheets?

More Coloring Pages for Kids

We have been publishing holiday-themed and season-themed coloring sheets for kids over the last few months.  Watch Kids Activities Blog in the near future for more coloring pages for everyday use.  I can’t wait for you to see what we have planned!

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