December Activities: Felt Play {Winter Scene}

Are you looking for a quiet inside December activities to occupy your child? Making a winter scene with a felt play set is sure to keep your child busy for a while. You can even sneak in a little learning, too.  We love sneaky learning at Kids Activities Blog!

December activities

December Activities

We’ve been playing with felt a lot lately. I made felt cupcakes for my friends’ daughter and a nativity story to go along with The Birds of Bethlehem. I love how forgiving felt is. You can easily cut out your shapes and trim until you are satisfied. Felt won’t fray, so there’s no sewing involved {unless you want to add decorative details}. The best part about felt is that it sticks to itself. This is what makes it perfect for a quiet time activity.

Felt Play

All you need are different colors of felt and scissors for this activity.

Talk to your child about what kinds of things she would like in her winter scene. This is a great time to talk about what we see in winter or activities that happen in winter.

Winter Scene

We made our winter scene a Christmas scene and included a Christmas tree, presents, and a snowman.

I tried to use as many shapes as possible. I made the Christmas tree out of three green triangles. The ornaments and snowman are made of circles. The presents are rectangles and squares. While your child is creating, ask her about the shapes and colors she’s using. What shape is this? What color is the tree? Can you find the star?

Cut out all of the different pieces and set them off to the side. Use one large piece of felt for your background. {In the scene above, I placed a large blue piece of felt over a large white piece of felt.}

Let your child assemble the picture however he would like. He can rearrange the pieces over and over again. How many different scenes can you make with the pieces given?

What else could we add to the scene? How about a sled, a hill, snowballs, an igloo, or children? What would you add?

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