15 {Colorful} Activities Celebrating Fall Colors

This week Kids Activities Blog is celebrating fall colors.  There is so much beauty in fall coloring that we just had to list some of our recent favorites...there are just too many to pick just one!  Over the next week Kids Activities Blog will be sharing fall color coloring pages, fall color crafts, fall color activities and other learning about fall activities in hopes that YOUR fall will be more colorful.

fall colors Today we are sharing some of our favorite fall color art and craft projects procured across the internet from some of our best sources.

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Fall Colors

Leaf Rubbing with Crayons from In Lieu of Preschool – colorful ways to get leaf patterns onto paper.

Printing with baskets from Kids Activities Blog – use left-over strawberry baskets for these fun fall colored prints.

Painted Leaves from Salt Dough from Connecting Families & Seoul – created leaves from salt dough and then painted them pretty fall colors with paint.

Colorful Melted Wax Leaves from Milk and Cuddles – wax colors melted into fall color leaf shapes.

Fall Leaves from Kids Activities Blog – using colorful fall leaves in 6 different ways for fun art projects.

Learning Color Names with Chalk from Inspiration Laboratories – using sidewalk chalk to learn to read color names.

Colorful Preschool Fall Craft from Kids Activities Blog – letting preschoolers go wild with finger paint creates unique masterpieces.

Word Family Trees from JDaniel4’s Mom – created colorful word leaves to be placed on the right word family trunk.

Painted Tree Craft from Kids Activities Blog – fall colors and construction paper create a fun project for almost any age.

Fall Coloring

Creating Leaf Art with Black Glue from Mess for Less – black glue was used for the outline of this colorful fall leaf art project.

Onion Dye a Pilgrim Shirt from Kids Activities Blog – use vegetable coloring as fabric dye.

Fall Painting Project for Toddlers from The Educators’ Spin on It – letting toddlers loose with a paintbrush can result in usable art!

Window Art Fall Tree Activity from My Buddies and I – started with a trunk outline and let the kids add colorful leaves.

Fall Crafts for Kids from Kids Activities Blog – use found nature objects as the inspiration for fall sculptures.

Why Coloring is Important from Play Dr. Mom – four reasons why coloring is important to child development.

Fall leaf garland from Creative Connections for Kids – using melted colors and waxed paper to form creative window garlands.

Watch Kids Activities Blog this week for more fall coloring fun!

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