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Play and learn!

These are some great toys to think about getting your child to help them develop creativity and explore their world through play.  Recently we have featured our DIY Homemade Gifts for kids, here are gifts you can buy your kids to help them learn.
20 different toys that help kids learn while playing - great gift guide!

Educational Toys

Use the Ikoso Kits to create a rainbow 3D Puzzle, a colored cube.  There are also a number of other designs and puzzles that your child can build using these nifty snapping parts.  Best for an older child as the pieces are small and assembly requires patience.

Study the human body with a 4D Anatomy Puzzle and learn how the organs fit into the body.  This “person” comes with removable organs.

Build balls, walls or anything else you can dream up with Ball of Whacks.  This toy has lots of magnetic pieces that you “fit” together to learn and play.

Go to sleep with the stars.  This nightlight doubles as a Star Theater planetarium and your child can contemplate the solar system and astronomy as they drift to sleep.
20 different toys that help kids learn while playing - great gift guide!

Toys for Learning

Teach your child to count with another base, this Binary Clock helps your child think outside the box as they learn a new system to tell time.

Do you have a child-on-the-go?  This portable roll-up piano is great to help your child make music wherever, whenever.

Help your child’s brain do double duty as it balances while solving puzzles.  This balance board includes a labyrinth puzzle for your child to solve.

Make an indoor gym using balance beams.  Your child can create a variety of paths and race down them.

Explore the world with a talking globe.  This educational toy globe will tell your child all about the various landmasses, oceans and countries of the world.

Watch your kiddo bounce around the room with a pair of Air Kicks, Anti-gravity Boots.  Exercise stimulates the mind.

Help your child practice review math facts they have learned with this cool math game – Math slam.

Watch your budding entomologist as they observe ants building tunnels and creating nests with an Ant Farm.

Mix origami with color theory by creating flexagons – this book of paper tricks will mesmerize your child.

Explore electricity and how circuitry works with a Electronic Snap Circuits kit.  The kit comes with 80 different projects that your kiddo can create.

Discovery Toys

Experience the draw of a magnetic field with a collection of magnets.  Your kids will have fun seeing how much the various magnets will lift with this set of magnetic toys.

Non-fiction books with great photos and detailed information about a wide range of topics, the DK Eyewitness Books are a huge hit with our kids.

Telescopes are great for kids to understand depth perception and to explore a distant rooftop in the neighborhood and the solar system.

Legos are great for helping children develop spatial reasoning.  Add a collection of LEGO figurines and your child can populate whole worlds.


Be gross!  Your kiddo will love this collection of magic tricks using basic scientific principles.  Great for the prankster in your life.

Practice sentence structure and punctuation with a word block game – using dominos.

Featured at the top of the page is a loveable tin robot.  Explore cause and effect as your child navigates their creature.

What toys have your kids learned from?

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