Halloween Games: Ghost Bowling {Homemade Games}

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Are you looking for fun Halloween Games for Fall parties? Kids love Halloween activities such as this ghost bowling homemade game! The Kids Activities Blog tested out this Halloween game and we hope that you try it out on your kids, too!  For a variation using clear bottles and cotton balls, check out No Time for Flashcard’s for her Fall Bowling Activity.

Halloween Games

Halloween Activities

“Who are you going to call?  Ghost Busters….”

Yes, this game definitely needs some ghost busting kids to knock out all of the ghost that are still standing.

Don’t you love how holidays add a twist to your everyday activities? In October, you are not just eating a plain banana but a Ghost pop or in November your plain ham and cheese sandwich takes on the form of a turkey and then there’s Christmas….  Here we have a taken a simple game of bowling and turned it into Ghost bowling.

My boys who are 2 and 5, loved this halloween games activity and even our 8 year old got into it because who doesn’t love being a Ghost Buster! Sorry, if you now have this 80′s tune playing in your head all day.  If you want to really get into this ghost bowling game find this tune and have it playing as background music to add to the fun during your halloween activities.

Halloween Games

We used empty creamer containers but you can use whatever you have around your house: juice jugs, yogurt containers, recycle some old cans, soda cans, mini cereal boxes…  Anything that can be knocked over can work even if it’s not white because there is always tissue paper or paint to take care of that.

You will need:

Halloween Games

Ghost Bowling Homemade Games

3 or more creamer containers (see above for other ideas)

Black construction paper


Balls or pumpkin

1.  Make sure your creamer is empty or if you are using one that still has something in it make sure it’s sealed so when they are knocked over, ghost guts don’t come spilling out. Though I am sure my boys would thoroughly enjoy seeing that happen.

2. Cut out eyes and mouth from the black construction paper and glue it on.

3. You can use balls or pumpkins to knock out the pumpkins. If you decide to use pumpkins make sure your child is not playing “dodge the ghost” unless you don’t mind cleaning up a splattered pumpkin mess. We have used balls or fake pumpkins.

Set them up and have fun. Depending on their age you can set them up different to make ghost bowling homemade games more challenging.

More Kids Activities

Homemade games such as this ghost bowling activity will be something fun you can create and play with your kids this season. Check out all the other Halloween games and Halloween activities here on the Kids Activities blog to do with your kids, too.


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  1. Excellent, thanks forthe great ideas! We put our 8 year old son in charge of creating the bowling pin. The kids will have lots of fun. Thank you.

  2. Love the ghost bowling idea!
    Consider having a Halloween Scavenger Hunt as a Halloween Game for the kids.

  3. What a great idea, love the Halloween bowling. The kids will love to make the spooky pins as well as playing the game!

  4. I love all the fun Halloween party ideas I’ve seen at After School this week. Thanks for linking this one up!

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