{Halloween Crafts} Make A Ghost with Footprints

Halloween crafts for kids is something we are seeking here at Kids Activities Blog knowing that parents, caregivers and teachers are searching high and low for the perfect one!  The good news is that today’s Halloween craft, Make a Ghost is something that can be done easily with supplies you likely already have and it makes a cute keepsake, Halloween card or little gift to send to a distant relative.

Halloween Crafts

It’s time for another great idea for Halloween crafts!  Halloween is a big holiday for us.  I love dressing up in costumes, seeing kids in their costume and my new love for Halloween is dressing Rory up in a costume.   This has to be one of my favorite Halloween crafts with Rory.


spooky foot prints

Make a Ghost

Materials needed to make a ghost:

  • Black paper (or if you use white paper like we did, you will need black paint)
  • White paint
  • Black paint or a black marker
  • Paint brush
  • Water to wash paint off

Halloween crafts like this are so cute and a lot of fun to make.  We went outside to make a ghost because this activity can get messy since your little one will have paint on their feet to make the footprints.   If you are using a piece of white paper, cover the paper with some black paint.  You can cover it all with the black paint or leave some of the boarder white, like we did.  Once the black paint is dry you can begin to make a ghost!

preschool art footprints make ghosts for halloween


To make a ghost, paint the bottom of your little ones foot with white paint.  Make sure you get the whole foot covered; toes, heel, etc…  The toes are going to be the bottom of the ghosts and your little ones heel will be the top – just keep this in mind for the placement of their footprints on your paper.

After your child’s foot is fully painted, stamp their footprints on the paper.  Rory and I made a big ghost and a little ghost.  I painted my foot white and pressed it on the paper too but feel free to do anything you would like!  Let the footprints dry.  When they are dry, with your child’s toes facing the bottom of the paper,  you can make eyes for the ghosts.

Thats it!  You are all done with adorable footprint ghosts!  This is by far one of my favorite Halloween crafts, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

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