12 Amazing Activities for a 1 Year Old

These creative activities for 1 year old come from some of our favorite moms.  Some days it is easier to figure out what to do to entertain a toddler than others which is why I love this list of activities for 1 year old!

I consider myself well-versed in the world of babies and development of play. We have 6 kids, in six years – I know, we’re crazy.  Sometimes I think all I “do” is herd tots all day (well, when I am not blogging).  I asked the Kids Blogger Network mos to share some of their best activities for one year olds and was astounded at the list of things I have yet to explore with my child (and the activities we did together without even knowing it).  Some of them are being featured on our blog this week, others are in our Baby Play board on Pinterest.

A Dozen Different Activities to engage your one year old

Homemade Baby Toys:

You can have an older sibling help create this homemade baby toy – it is a mini tag blanket, perfect for the diaper bag!

Your child will enjoy the surprise when they can lift sections of a puzzle to discover faces of those they love.  This is an easy homemade gift idea you can personalize.

Sometimes the simple toys are the ones that best engage our kids!  In this simple toddler game, grab a metal bowl and a ball (solid plastic is best for noise factor).  Listen to the ball roll as your child plays and “swishes” the bowl.
Lots of activities for 1 year old children

Listen with your child:

Have fun teaching your toddler to recognize the ABCs.  This is a fun song by blogger Angelique – she has a number of posts and videos on raising and encouraging bilingualism in your child – starting with tots!

Love nursery rhymes?  I do – Here is a top ten list of Classic Childrens Nursery Rhymes.

Help your child learn to associate words with actions through finger plays.  Little Moments has ideas on ways to enjoy “finger” games with 1 year olds.

Begin encouraging literacy in your child when they are young with these tips for reading books to young children.  Love the “How to read to a baby“, suggestion to re-enact portions of the stories to help your child enjoy the plot.

Engage your toddler:

Looking for a way to keep your toddler occupied?  This Reading Mama, has a collection of teaching trays that are perfect for the highchair.  Contain and engage your child when you are doing chores in the kitchen.

Baby Massage is a terrific way to connect with your infant and help them relax.  Don’t know where to start?  Angelique has suggestions

One of our favorite road trip tips with toddlers is to give them a roll of tape.  Our one year olds could be interested for an hour with sticky fun.  Child Station enjoys fun with her tots using contact paper in this sticky one year old activity.

Art for one year olds, yup, you heard right.  Even your youngest children can paint with this edible finger paint recipe.  Even better, make meal time a fun experience by letting them play and paint with their food.

Explore Learning:

A fun game for one year old is to transfer items from one container to another container.  Muffin tins and other non-breakable dishes become great toys.  Don’t want to use a tin?  Look in your recycle bin for a box you can adapt to be a shape sorter DIY toy for your toddler.

Help your child explore objects as they bat balloons.  In this fun game for kids, consider taping them to the bottom of a table or to the back of the car seat in front of them for some “kicking” fun.

For a multi-sensory kids activity, give your child a piece of shiny paper.  The thicker cellophane that is metallic is perfect.   It makes a crinkle noise and is sure to get and keep your child’s attention!

More Activities for a 1 Year Old

Thanks to all the great bloggers who contributed ideas of ways to play with our kids.  Have an idea I missed?  Please tell us about it in the comments or on the Kids Activities Facebook Page.

Fun Activities for Kids

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