Homemade toys: From your recycle bin!

We like toys and we like anything DIY! These are a fun collection of toys that you can make for your kids. All have been kid-tested and approved.  If you like these, you might also like our list of 101 Homemade Gifts that your kids can make or enjoy.

Look for items that can be recycled.

…and create.  Have fun!

DIY Toys - great for the kids to make their friends for Christmas.

Do it yourself!  Toys!

Pool Noodle Lightsabers.  The ones pictured we were gifted at a party.  They are by far our sons’ favorite toys!  They love the “Star Wars” element and I love the fact that they don’t hurt each other (or the furniture) as they swing and “use the force” on each other.

You can Make Baby toys!!  Cut up sponges into strips and tie them together to make a soft ball.  These also make great bath toys or fun for water play outside.

Need a quick toy?  This is an easy one to make with supplies found at a fast food restaurant – making it a perfect activity for a road-trip.  Here are instructions for how to make a toy whistle.

Do you have noisy kids?  My children love to make a music.  A metal trash can makes a great drum, cut various lengths of PVC pipe and string them up to become a set of chimes, and a variety of lengths of 2x4s can become a fence xylophone.

Make your own DIY Wood Blocks, cut up a tree and use the blocks and branches for building in these wooden toys to make.

Use recycled containers from your bin to make a homemade toy for your preschoolers.   Love this waterfall created from yogurt cups.

Recycled crafts are fun, especially when they become “bling”.  You can decorate lids to become medals and necklaces.

10 DIY homemade toy ideas to make for the kids this Christmas


More Home Made Toys

Wish you were taller?  I do!  If you still have some wood left after making the wooden blocks, make a pair of stilts using tree trunks or tin cans.

Explore how sound is made with a DIY drum for kids created from recycled containers.  We covered our tubs with balloons or plastic wrap, got some drum sticks and noise makers (rice, beans, etc.).

A great DIY Baby Toy to make for your tot is a collection of discovery bottles.  Here is a super simple tutorial on how your kids can explore through rolling and banging bottles.

…and you can’t have a discussion about homemade toys without making a batch of homemade playdough.   Here is a great collection of ideas on how to play with playdough.


Have you made your own toys?  We’d love to hear about them in the comments or better yet, leave a photo of it on the Kids Activities facebook wall!

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