Games 4 Kids: Memory Game

Can you tell what object was placed under the green cup?

Look at the picture above and see what object is there, but is not in the picture below.

memory game 2

Memory Game

We had fun taking turns hiding objects from each other. My son decided I was too good at the game and needed to have two object hidden at a time. As your child find success at this game you may want to hide two object at a time.
This simple memory game filled with treasures taken out of my son’s toy bag is a great way to work on your child’s short term visual memory.If your child find this too challenging, you can give them a clue as to which object was hidden. You might tell them the object’s color, shape, use, or texture.
This game could easily we taken with you on trips to play at restaurants or a doctor’s appointment. Just put the objects in the cup and the cup in a plastic bag.
You might also be interested in these other memory game ideas from some of the other Quirky Mommas:
  • Memory Game with Shells – Fill shells with treasures and let the children match the treasures by memory.
  • Memory Games – Make a set of memory cards.
  • Make Your Own Animal Matching Game – Check out this great PDF you can print on cardstock at home, have your children help color the animals, cut them out and have a terrific card set of animal Memory!

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