Back to School Activities

back to school activities It is hard to believe that we are talking about Back to School already!  The summer always seems to fly by, filled with fun activities, play dates, and staying up late. So to commemorate one last week of summer fun, we try to make the most of it with a “Back to School Week of FUN!”

Forget the traditional school supply shopping, going to bed early (to get ready for the following week) and settling down.  We do the opposite to close out our summer with a bang!  Each day of the week starts off with a surprise – the kids have no idea what we will be doing – and they wake up each morning with a surprise:

back to school surprise

Each day coordinates with some aspect of school:

Back 2 School!! Let’s remember what it’s like to…HAVE A FUN LUNCH…at Gattiland (or your favorite kid fun eatery)

back to school splash pad

Back 2 School!! Let’s remember what it’s like to…HAVE A FUN RECESS…at Rockin’ River Water Park (your kid’s favorite activity- roller skating, bike riding, etc.)

Back 2 School!! Let’s remember what it’s like to…READ & WRITE…with a read-in/game day at home  This is my kids favorite day, as we read books in our pjs on the couch, play games, and write/scrapbook about our summer.  I even order pizza for lunch!

back to school zoo trip

Back 2 School!! Let’s remember what it’s like to…GO ON A FIELD TRIP…at the Zoo (museum, park, fire station, etc.)

Back 2 School!! Let’s remember what it’s like to…GET UP EARLY FOR SCHOOL…at R&R Donuts!! (your kids favorite breakfast eatery) – we wake the kids up bright & early for this one!!

Take your kids to their favorite places and really make a big deal out of it!  You don’t have to break the bank to make it a fun week.  As you can see, one day was taking them to breakfast!  The best part of the week is that they get excited about going back to school and you get some fun one-on-one time with them.

What fun ways do you celebrate going back to school?

Back to school comes too quickly!  Here are some other ways to make hitting the books fun for your kids:

4 days later teeth whitening

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