Handprint Art in the Garden

When the sun is shining and the children are feeling creative my girls love nothing more than heading out into the garden and creating some big, messy, joyful art.

The extra space the garden offers, and the fact that tidying up is that much easier when you can just get out the garden hose to wash it all away, let’s you go bigger and bolder than you might do indoors.

We use a roll of wallpaper, held in place with plant pots, as out outdoor canvass. This decorators lining paper is great value and let’s you use the length of your garden. We use washable, ready mixed paint, poured onto plastic plates for palettes.

Do your children love putting their hands in the paint? My six-year-old can not resist it! Even when we set up an art-station to explore paint brushes she ends up using her hands. So today we decided to let her have it all her way and created this handprint art.

This is a lovely project to do as a family or with friends or a class, as everyone can join in and create a colorful collaboration. This kind of art looks even better with more people, more hands and more colors. Creating your handprint art on a long roll of paper lets everyone gather round and add prints from all sides.  And if you have a washing line you can peg up your art to dry.

Using your handprint art

The making of this handprint art is full of fun. It’s playful and creative, and a sensory experience of its own. But even better is that you have a beautiful work of art when you’re done. It is the perfect painting to use to create this quick-to-make DIY art bunting and makes a lovely cover for this keepsake alphabet book.

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