Meet and Greet U.S. Troops at DFW Airport

Anywhere from 150 to 250 troops come through DFW airport each day on their way home for a two-week R&R (Rest and Recuperation). One flight arrives daily at DFW and one departs each day. A small portion meet their families here but the majority will catch connecting flights home. Volunteers gather each day to meet and greet these troops off their flight, thanking and encouraging them for their service to our great nation.

She Is Dallas Info: DFW Airport, Terminal D, Gate 22: Daily – Usually between 7:00 – 9:00am, Call to Confirm (972) 574-0392 or


There are many faithful individuals & volunteers who come almost every day and deem it a privilege to be there; yet still, many more are needed to make this program even better.

All are welcome to come and participate in the R&R Program to meet and greet our troops. To learn of expected flight arrivals, call (972) 574-0392 for a recorded message. You may call after 8:30 pm the evening before, or up until the flight arrives the next morning.  Though most flights are expected to arrive between 7:00 am and 9:00 am, the key is to be flexible as this does change, sometimes even at the last minute. You will want to check the recording several times in the morning before coming to the airport.

The troops arrive at Terminal D, Gate 22.  You may park in the lot located on the ground level.  You will walk across to greet the troops in the Arrival Hall.  Parking passes will be issued as you arrive so there is no parking fee or charge to your toll tag (toll tags must be taken down before entering the airport, since we are unable to reimburse toll tags).


  • Signs: Homemade signs are welcome!  You can even leave them, and the onsite coordinator will see that they’re displayed!
  • Food: Welcome treats are permissible (phone cards and gum are great!).  Simple is best.  NO home baked items are allowed – only prepackaged items!
  • Water: Bottled water is a big hit!  You don’t need to bring ice or coolers.  Bring your water and give it to the onsite coordinator and she will ice it down for the following day.
  • Clothes: Wear patriotic colors!
  • Flags: There are some flags available onsite, but please return them for later use (or bring some flags with you).
  • Line-up: Families of troops and Veterans line up in front of the greeting area.  All other volunteers will go behind them.
  • Cell Phones: You’re welcome to offer troops the use of your cell phone to call home as they arrive.  The best place to do this is outside, as they wait for their buses.
  • Scheduling: You should plan 2 hours out of your day (driving, parking, greeting & return) – a small price compared with those of our soldiers.

Do you know of a group interested in this activity?
If you have a group of 15 or more– business, club, civic organization or chamber and need further information, please e-mail [email protected] or call Christene Wheeler. Your group can adopt a day, week or more!

For additional needed help, you may call Donna Cranston, the on-site coordinator at (972) 948-7059 or email [email protected]

Thank You For Supporting Our Troops!

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