Pig and Pancake – 20 Recipes and Activities for Kids

Pancakes are part of a family tradition. We love our family traditions!! We love our bucket lists and Activities for Autumn.  These pancake activities are on our list of favorite activities.  The kids enjoyed reading the book, If you Give a Pig a Pancake. When my hubs is working late we have a pancake night, we mix up the batter together, read the Pig and a Pancake book, smoothering our dinner with syrup and wiping out hands with napkins.

20+ Activities and Recipes for pancakes.  Start a fun family "pancake" tradition!

Pancake Activities

Here are 20 + Recipes and Activities you can do with your kids – and pancakes!
pig pancake

  1. Read the book during breakfast, If you give a pig a pancake, by Laura Numeroff.
  2. Buttermilk Carmel Syrup to smoother pancakes. Top with whipped cream for a dessert treat.
  3. Edible books – these flapjacks have been made into books along with turnable pages – brilliant, edible art.
  4. Get creative and add some food dye to your syrup – paint your pancakes.  You’ll actually use less syrup this way!
  5. Pour batter into cookie cutters for some shaped breakfast fun!
  6. Create a topping bar and have a pancake party!
  7. Teach kids to cook during Saturday morning’s lazy breakfast preparations.
  8. Pancakes make fun sandwiches.  We enjoy adding peanut butter and slices of banana for a more portable breakfast.
  9. Help your kids get the fundamentals of cooking by letting them invent their own recipe.
  10. Cut out shapes from the insides of your pancakes.
  11. Be inspired and crazy – build something with your pancakes!  Jim’s Pancakes has plans you can copy.
  12. Get colorful!  Add dye and create rainbows with the batter.
  13. Use pancakes to teach kids about ingredients and where our food comes from. I love how much learning can occur during meal times.
  14. Flapjacks aren’t just for breakfast – make a dinner meal of them. Great “treat” for when Dad is working late.
  15. Get creative.  Pour batter into a clean ketchup container and use it to make shapes, snowflakes, even letters of the alphabet.
  16. French Toast Pancakes – are super fun for the kids to make by themselves (well, other than the flipping).
  17. Here is a yogurt-based blueberry pancake recipe.  It mixes two of my daughter favorite things!
  18. Experience different cultures.  Try German Pancakes or French Crepes.
  19. A tried and tested pancake recipe that is dairy, gluten and egg-free!!
  20. Gingerbread pancake Recipe – yummy!  Smells like the Holidays.

….and if I didn’t add enough recipes above, here are a collection of many that make my mouth water just thinking about them!  Still looking?  Check out Terry’s Pinterest Board dedicated to this fun breakfast food!


How to make fluffy pancakes:

My daughter discovered the secret – add an extra egg.  She has adapted our recipes to make them even better.


Do you have a pancake tradition?

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